Ahoy there!

We’re extremely excited and proud that you’ve shown interest in Hawthorn’s. If you want to contact us or order a bottle from us, we will require some personal details to respond. But don’t worry. We were in the war, you know? We know how to keep top secret files confidential. We won’t be passing any information over enemy (third party) lines.

Occasionally, we might send you bulletins from us that we think you might find fun, interesting or tempting. But you can always opt out of this contact if you’d prefer. We won’t be offended.

While we are in communication, your details will be kept securely in the bunker. When our business has ended or you opt out of our communications, your details will be redacted, shredded and burnt at the bottom of our garden under the cover of darkness.

Links from this website to social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are designed so everyone interested in Hawthorn’s chat, share and have all sorts of crazy notions that we can’t control. We have enough difficulty trying to control our own crazy notions. If we really don’t like what people are saying, we will annihilate them. (The comments, that is.) So, don’t be a nob.

Biscuit policy:

Damned yanks might have cookies. But this is the Royal Navy and we’re much more partial to a biscuit (or hard tack when we’re on rations).

We got someone to explain it to us, and our general understanding is this: by visiting this website you are effectively saying yes to a biscuit at a tea party. And in the same way as a cup of tea is always better with a biscuit, your experience on this website will be much improved as a result.

(I hope mine’s a custard cream.)

If you have any further questions about any of this, we can be contacted at 180 East Ltd, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT. Don’t tell the enemy.