We adopt technical and organisational measures to protect your data as comprehensively as possible. In addition to the commitment of our employees to secrecy and a careful selection and monitoring of our service providers, who are bound to comply with high security standards for the protection of your personal data, we also secure our operating environment adequately. To protect your data against unwanted access, we use data encryption. Data collected from this site will be passed between your computer and our server and vice versa via the internet using SHA256withRSA 2048 bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. In order to secure the transmission of sensitive bank and credit card details and to protect data from abusive use we utilise in transit encryption (SSL, Secure Socket Layer). Credit card data stored in our database is also encrypted using RSA 2048 bit encryption. 



If you wish to exercise any of your statutory rights relating to data we hold about you, please get in touch by filling out this form The form includes all of the information we require in order to deal with your request and includes a section where you can also insert any other details or questions you may have for us. Thereafter, we will be handling your request personally and we will let you know when we have completed the request. If you have any questions about filling out the form or encounter problems submitting it, please contact us at info@180east.com and we will be happy to help.